How to Choose the Right Cell Phone?

Today we can't go anywhere without cell phones since we still connected in different communities.

With the high cell phones bills. People still confused about that after choosing the wrong cell phone plan, or they don't get a general picture about how to get what they need from cell phone without spending too much money. 

If you're going to buy a phone, cell phone without to exactly know what you need and how much you will spend each month this will be difficult for you and make you trying to change you plans every time .it's not your fault, I will take you in a trip with this article that will help you for what you're looking for. 

How to Choose the Right Cell Phone for You? 

Before to buy a cell you need to take a time to know what your need, that's will help you to cut you cell phone cost first, unlimited data, download applications, fancy ringtones, and more all this just increase the everyday cell phone cost. 

What you need in a cell phone?
 Ask yourself these questions. 

1- Why I need cell phone?  
2- How much money will i spend each month on a cell phone bill?  
3- What the absolutely cell phone service that will I have on my phone?  
4- A Prepaid Cell Phone would be working for you? 

Cell Phone Needs or Wants 

Choosing what you want as a phone is not the same when you find out some things that you didn't like it on your phone, you need to know the difference between your needs, and your wants. 

1-Why I need cell phone? How you plan to use your cell phone.
- Will you use it? 
- For emergencies? 
- For work or business? 
- For fun and socializing? 
- Your cell phone is your primary and only means of communication? 

2-How much money will i spend each month on a cell phone bill? 

It's better for people to give their monthly budget when they purchased a cell phone. Yes they my get, or see advertisement promotes a certain phone for $69 per month. While $69 monthly. That's could get our attention and be aware of hidden extra fees and costs. 

The Cell phone providers may charge you added fees for: 

_unlimited data _unlimited texting _pay per text charges 
_overage charges per minute if you use more than the designated several minutes on your limited talk plan _overage charges per kbs if you use more than the amount designated on your limited data plan 
_cell phone insurance _early contract termination _downloaded phone applications 
_mobile hotspot devices 
_The monthly price that you are discussing includes all the other charges, taxes and surcharges as a clarifying representative, which started out for $69 per month can easily cost an unwitting shopper upwards of $150 monthly. 
3-What the absolutely cell phone service that will I have on my phone? 

The cell phone providers can get you virtual buffet as products and services in no Mather your need is, but there is two questions before that. Could these services add additional monthly costs to my cell phone bill?

Do I need a more expensive phone to get access to those services?

Like every cell phone customer looking for a new phone, it's a planning store. Many costumers still confused about what is needed or wanted, but after they become exited and starry-eyed about what a cell phone can do? Before going to shop for a cell phone, consider these followings in your mid. 

_Do I need access to the internet on my cell phone or can I use the internet on my laptop or PC at home? _Do i need internet on my cell phone, for convenience or fun?
_Do I plan to make many call minutes on my cell phone or will I make it for texting? 
_Do I need to use my email on my cell phone or can I do it from my home or office? 
_Do I need a camera on my phone or can I take photos with my digital camera? 
_Do I need to watch movies and videos on my phone?  

4- A Prepaid Cell Phone would be working for you? 

Prepaid cell phone plans are a great and powerful way to cap the cell phones expenses for 1-2 years agreement prepaid cell phone. You need to buy a cell phone up front and then purchase either minutes of talking time or if you want to pick the unlimited talk, message, data plan, and text for 30 days. With the convenience of unlimited talking, texting and data might be a prepaid a cell phones service that you can buy in many areas. 

We don't forget the Employee Discounts 

Now after choosing the right phone and take a look at the prepaid cell phone plans. You can have access to another advance, it's the discount employer. So, before going to shop make sure the ask them if they offer any discounts on cell phone services, with that you will more save, make a good profit, and not get the high bills every moth. 

This is all about How to Choose the Right Cell Phone? And make it the cheapest cell phone plans before you make any bad choices.
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